Bernard Hopkins makes prediction for Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder rematch

Bernard Hopkins has backed Deontay Wilder to beat Tyson Fury in their rematch on February 22.

Wilder and Fury will face each other for a second time in their careers in Las Vegas after their first bout ended in a controversial draw in December 2018.

Many believe that Fury should have won the first fight on points despite being knocked down twice, but Hopkins is confident that Wilder will retain his WBC heavyweight title.

Asked who he is backing to win out of Wilder or Fury, Hopkins told K.O Artist Sports: ‘I like Wilder… late round stoppage, like ninth, tenth-round stoppage. From an entertaining, goofy-type of fight.’

Asked why he considers it goofy, Hopkins replied: ‘Personalities make things become more durable, goofy and serious but in the same token if you look at personalities, Fury is about that.

‘He doesn’t mind, that’s not him acting, that’s just his way.

‘Goofy is not a bad word, to me it’s not, it shows you can be yourself and still be great.’

Ahead of the fight, Fury made the decision to ditch Ben Davison, the trainer who was in his corner for his first contest against Wilder, for Javan ‘Sugar Hill’ Steward.

But Hopkins believes Fury’s change of trainer will not make a significant difference.

‘I think no matter who he goes with he’s going to fight the way he likes to fight because it is what it is,’ said Hopkins.

‘You can go and get more information which I assume Wilder is doing.

‘But he’s going to be who he’s been, that’s how he got here.

‘I think anybody of any sport, especially boxing, because I was one of those guys, I didn’t have a lot of history in it but I made some adjustments, whether it’s justified or not, it’ll just be another mechanic instead of your original mechanic doing the work, look at it that way.’

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