Lewis Hamilton issues bold warning to Ferrari after Chinese GP

Hamilton beat Bottas to victory for the second race in a row as he added a Chinese Grand Prix triumph to his win in Bahrain.

Ferrari had to make do with third and fifth spots in the final rankings after controversially instructing Charles Leclerc to let Sebastian Vettel past.

Hamilton, 34, is a firm favourite to go on and win what will be his sixth world title in 2019, and he has warned Ferrari that Mercedes will improve throughout the season.

“As a team we arrive and everyone does their best job, you have to try and operate to 100% and we are close to that,” Hamilton said.

“With what we have we are operating at its full potential.

“But there will be more performance improvements to come, we will make steps forward.”

As well as lavishing praise on his colleagues at Mercedes, Hamilton gave his take on the shortcomings in the rival camp.

He added: “They have a good car, Ferrari, it just does not look like they are extracting their full potential.”

Vettel, who has finished fourth, fifth and third this season, was disappointed in how the Chinese GP played out, and urged his team to improve.

“I think it was alright, but a bit of a shame that Charles [Lecelrc] couldn’t get back to Max [Verstappen],” he said.

“We tried everything and in hindsight it is always easy, but we just need to be faster and if we are faster then we have a better chance of scoring more points, it’s as simple as that.

“We were a bit too slow, so I’m not entirely happy.

“I was obviously happy to get the podium, but not happy with the race we had today.”

“We were hoping to have better pace and match Mercedes but that wasn’t the case.”

Ferrari’s car has received praise for it’s power an design since before the season began, and Vettel admits that the team have failed to live up to expectations as of yet.

He continued: ““We still have a good car, we’re just not able to lock it completely.”

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